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On June 20-21 - parallel to the annual conference of the International Communication Association that took place in Australia this year - the first European Communication Science Event was hosted at Radboud University, Nijmegen. Three members of our sHAI group organized two HMC-workshops.

On the Thursday, we held a World Cafe together with invited experts from research, policy, and industry. We discussed our most pressing questions regarding ethical challenges in the field and checked which overarching themes ChatGPT identifies from them. Time flew by and at the end we could have continued our coffee-chats for much longer...

Download the full report below.

Download PDF • 2.02MB

And on Friday, we brought together HMC-researchers that use different novel methodologies in their work for a panel on (expanding/remaining) boundaries in HMC research. We invited six scholars to pitch their approaches and afterwards reflected upon them. We exchanged personal experiences, tips, and thoughts, and also dove deeper into a number of fundamental questions regarding what we actually (should) believe AI is. We left Nijmegen extremely inspired!

Download the full report below.

Download PDF • 1.64MB

We want to thank again all invited speakers and everyone who joined us for one or both HMC-events at ECSE!

Carolin, Evelien, and Rebecca


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