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Special NeFCA-satellite workshop Emotions in Human-Machine Communication

Emotions play an important role in how Human-Machine Communication unfolds, especially in social interactions. To discuss current advancement in the field, the NefCA Human-Machine Communication Working Group hosted a special satellite workshop on Emotions in Human-Machine Communication at Tilburg University, just before the official Emotions conference 2023 (also at Tilburg University). Many sHAI members attended this workshop.

To officially start the workshop, Tibor Bosse provided an introduction and opening presentation as one of the organizers of the workshop. Then, to spark discussions, 2 keynotes were held. Prof. dr. Elly Konijn talked about her experiences with empathy in Human-Machine Communication, as well as measurement technique for emotions, and emotion signal theory. The second keynote was held by Marieke Wieringa. Marieke talked about the harm made mind effect. More specifically, perception of minds, moral believes towards robots, human’s emotional reactions, as well as resulting behaviours were discussed. In between, participating researchers presented their current work in a poster session, and had the opportunity to discuss their findings with colleagues. The workshop closed with drinks offering ample opportunity to talk to one another, network, ask questions, and continue the (important) discussion on the role of emotions in Human-Machine Communication.

We thank the NefCA network and Tilburg university for hosting the workshop, and look forward to future collaborations! 


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